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Toggler Snaptoggle BM6 Heavy Duty Fixing x 50

Toggler Snaptoggle BM6 Heavy Duty Fixing x 50


Toggler Snaptoggle BM6 Heavy Duty Fixing x 50

The Snaptoggle® anchor arguably has to be the best toggle anchor available on the market today; with simplicity and speed of use, massive range of applications and huge 'pull out' and 'shear' loads - tested - this fixing is like having another pair of hands behind the wall. It is the ultimate answer to some of the most awkward and demanding tasks that face the tradesman in fixing to drywall, plasterboard, plaster, composite panels, acoustic ceilings, fibreglass, cement board, green board, steel sheet, hollow block...the list goes on! Whether the material being fixed into is 10.0mm or 240mm thick, or any other size between there is a fixing in this range that can cope with the situation.

M6 Pozi Pan Head Machine Screws sold separately 

How to use:
Drill a 1/2" (Ø13mm) hole.
Hold metal channel flat alongside plastic straps and slide channel through hole.
Minimum clearance behind wall: 1-7/8" (48mm).
Hold ends of straps between thumb and forefinger and pull toward you until channel rests flush behind wall.
Slide plastic cap along straps with other hand until flange of cap is flush with wall.
Snap straps at wall by pushing side to side, snapping off straps level with flange of cap.
Place item over flange. Insert bolt through item and tighten until flush against item, then stop.
Use machine screw or bolt to match thread in channel: BA (3/16"-24), BB (1/4"-20), BM5 (M5), and BM6 (M6).
Bolt length = item thickness + wall or ceiling thickness + 1/2" (13mm)

SNAPTOGGLE® anchors get their name from their speed and ease of use—they work in a SNAP!
The third generation of our patented SNAPTOGGLE anchors has these improvements

New longer and stronger plastic straps that now work in base materials 3/8" to 3 5/8" thick and will not break prematurely like other plastic straps
Straps that snap off flush with the wall every time, assuring precise alignment
New plating that is 7x more corrosion-resistant than B633-85 Type III/Sc 1 government spec zinc plating

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